Vital statistics
Position No. 2
Age 153 (as of 2018)

Built in 1865

Arrived on Sodor 1865
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Rheneas is the second narrow-gauge engine to arrive on the Skarloey Railway.


Rheneas had to help Skarloey out of the water after he collided with a careless lorry at the harbor. Then, the orange narrow-gauge engine talked to Gordon about working by himself after having to climb up a hill with the passengers first and then, freight cars during a rainy day. He later helped Sir Handel when the blue narrow-gauge engine was on a runaway due to the Slate Trucks. Their plan was to bump Sir Handel on the hill and run through the entire railway, but however it actually failed when Rheneas stopped him outside one of the railway stations.

The Thin Controller spoke to Rheneas that he needs to do Skarloey's jobs of taking both passengers and freight while he is mended after breaking down and was the last thing that the railway needed. Peter Sam, Sir Handel and Rheneas did not think that Rusty is a good newcomer to work with. He later was seen with Skarloey and Duke at the works station.

Rheneas, Rusty, Sir Handel and Peter Sam all helped the railway to get the townspeople of Lakeside to the railway terminus during a heavy thunderstorm. The first three engines took the passengers while Peter Sam bring the trucks into the station where Stepney was waiting for them with a medical train for anyone being injured.

Rheneas has to help Duncan get his passengers back to the railway terminus since the narrow-gauge engine broke his right cylinder and went up the hill with Peter Sam from behind to the next station where Rheneas is waiting for him. In 2009, he ended the conversation between both Peter Sam and Skarloey when the engines were watching George Carlin's comedian act with some workmen on their own TV. Ivo Hugh was then helped by Rheneas when his fireman wasn't feeling well after the passenger train had arrived at Lakeside station.


Rheneas is based on Dolgoch, engine 2 on the Talyllyn Railway.



Voice Actor


  • Rheneas has received a new model for Season 2 STMY. It was publicly released on December 24, 2015 (Australian time).