Vital statistics
Type Station
Level N/A
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Skarloey Railway
Inhabitants N/A

Rheneas (station) is a train station on the Skarloey Railway. Translated from sudric language, it means "divided waterfall".

In Sodor: The Early Years

The station was seen around Season 4 where it appeared in the intro with both Sir Handel and Duncan travelling across the bridge for the episode, Hard Work. In One of a Kind, the shed was used by them for a rest and it was here that Rusty overheard a comment by the two steam engines that he told the others about it near the end of the episode. The station is named after the waterfall near the station, Divided Waterfall, which means in Sudric language, Rheneas. Rheneas, who was the second steam locomotive being on the Skarloey Railway since the beginning of Sodor: The Early Years starting with Season 1's fifth episode, Running Solo, was named after it.

In Sodor: The Modern Years

In Duty of Care, Ivo Hugh had his passenger train stopped here to let the passengers off but his fireman had leaned against his side tank because of Jim's exhaustion. Jim was having a rest here before heading into Ivo Hugh's cab to restart the journey which goes along the causeway up to Lakeside. A relief fireman later took over Jim's job after Jim talked to Ivo Hugh that he had an ear infection and went to see the doctor about it. The locomotive later then collected his next train after leaving the sheds.