Richard Topham Hatt
Richard Topham Hatt
Richard talks about doing information and technology to his sister, Emily.
Vital statistics
Position Sir Stephen Topham Hatt's son
Age Forty-six (as of 2018)
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5 ft 10 in

Richard Topham Hatt is the son of Sir Stephen Topham Hatt who was the third controller on the NWR. He was born in 1972 and mentioned to Toby that he was twelve years old when The Fat Controller told Diesel off for being on strike due to the hard work going all over him during the year, 1984.


Richard Topham Hatt met his father at the station with Emily Helen Hatt in tow with his baggage before saying about her encounter with the green BMW that injured her right leg while on a bike ride with another friend. The Fat Controller took them to see Sir Charles Topham Hatt at his retirement cottage and in the backyard, Richard wanted to do information and technology but not doing both business studies and becoming the next Fat Controller. Emily tried to explain his predicament and ordered him to see someone by walking down to Elsbridge after she saw Percy going past them. At the station, they saw Toby with Henrietta in tow. Richard went inside his cab and enjoyed the journey with some advice from the standard-gauge tram engine.

Following this and arriving at Dryaw, Richard sat in Annie for the return journey on Thomas. Stephen Topham Hatt had overheard the conversation from an open window and went to Elsbridge where Emily was waiting to talk to him. Richard came and wanted to talk about the problem, but his father said if he was interested in being the next Fat Controller to serve the railway's management. Richard Topham declined and a conversation soon came through with Stephen Topham Hatt finally giving Richard Topham to do information and technology by working at Microsoft's main company.



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