Rolf's Castle
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Kirk Ronan Branch Line
Inhabitants Unknown

Rolf's Castle is a station on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line.


The station appeared in Medivac as part of Stephen Topham Hatt's work on restoring the old Kirk Ronan Branch Line after Donald and Douglas took an injured fisherman from Kirk Ronan to the station at Knapford. The Fat Controller decided to re-open the branch so it can provide more transport and tourism for passengers. Eric and Toby arrived at this station with a special passenger train for Eric to test on. A two-part episode featured Rolf's Castle to be the site of the concert which passengers can watch in the spirit of Christmas, but heavy snow forced them down and the concert was canceled. This was in both Snowed In and Cold Wheels which Stephen Topham Hatt brought his children with their grandpa to see the concert. Sheffield travelled past this station with freight for the harbor and at one time a shipment for the Flying Kipper. The fish vans broke the coupling and hurtled down the hill. They stopped at the harbor and bumped into Brian in the old shed. Brian was restored and put back into service.