Rough Engines
Rough Engines
Season Four, Episode Eight
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 23rd November 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Rough Engines is the eighth episode in Season 4, and the forty-fourth episode overall.


Gordon returned to Knapford after his five yearly service from 1979. He saw Donald taking Duck's passenger train because Duck was ill when he used a water tower that had bad water from it at one of The Little Western's stations. Gordon argued with Donald saying that rough goods engines like the Scottish twin did not mean that blue paint is to be smooth for express engines like Gordon. Donald was outraged and took offence with Pacific locomotives being cared to mention. Donald chuffed off after his guard's whistle blew leaving Gordon behind with at a loss for words. The Little Western rallied later that night together between Duck, Donald, Douglas and Oliver believing that Gordon's rudeness was unpleasant to call for.

The Fat Controller spoke to Gordon the next day about the express' arrangements up to ten minutes and agreed about this before Gordon set off with the express of five coaches. He wanted to reach the other side just in time and his driver said to take this easily without any reply as Gordon traveled faster and faster.

As he passed by Elsbridge and Daisy, his left side felt strange and tells his driver something was wrong, but it was too late. A dull thud was heard like a gunshot and the collapsed spring hammered the rails. His crew inspected the damage after stopping the train and said that his suspension spring had gone. The train would have to wait near Kellsthorpe Road for several minutes. Eric soon took Gordon and his train to the station and left him on a siding. Eric later took his goods and the suspension spring collapse got even worse, much worse than he thought so.

Donald and Douglas soon arrived and talked with Gordon to take his passenger train, but Alice was supposed to do it and Donald later took it and Douglas taking Gordon on his goods train heading for Crovan's Gate.



  • In his Answer Time, WildNorWester mentioned that this episode was shunted to Season 4 after it was originally intended to be in Season 3, but there were too many episodes in that season.


  • Steam can be seen behind Gordon and the express and when Percy passes him with a goods train.
  • Lighting for the steam between Gordon and Henry in the intro disappears and reappears in between them.
  • When Donald says "thank you" to Duck at Arlesburgh Sheds, he speaks without a Scottish accent. Also, he and Douglas don't have this at Kellsthorpe Road after hearing Gordon's apology.



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