Ruffled Feathers
Season Five, Episode Six
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 7th September 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Doubts Sheffield's Secret

Ruffled Feathers is the sixth episode of Season 5, and the fifty-eighth episode overall.


The newcomer, whose name was Sheffield, arrived while both Douglas and Bear were talking about Barry's departure and the new engine arriving. With Sheffield taking some trucks to the Arlesdale Railway's chute, the newcomer expects no nonsense from them which will later be in another episode called Flying Fish and he chuffed off heading for his destination. Bear had believed that the newcomer is very rude but Douglas thinks that he could handle coaches and investigates through his mind about trucks before moving off to take a slow goods train. After a long journey, one of the trucks' brake pipes was broken and Duck knew Sheffield's troubles had caused him to be delayed.

Sheffield's late arrival made him very upset before returning to the sheds. Both Duck and Sheffield argued with each other over the Troublesome Trucks and handling coaches plus being on a heritage railway for the last 2 decades. After that, Donald spoke to Duck after overhearing most of the conversation. Meanwhile, Sheffield ran around Oliver's train and prepared to take Isabel and Dulcie home. Jock quickly tried to stop the train with some success but actually mistaking Sheffield for Oliver. After a brief moment, the train went to Tidmouth station and Sheffield later spoke to Donald about his next train before taking on more coal. Donald took the two coaches on his passenger run and Oliver spoke to the Scottish tender engine afterwards about the two coaches who are doing just fine.

With some talk of Sheffield's loyalty towards both coaches and trucks, Duck felt sad that the newcomer didn't feel quite add up.



  • Railway Series references include James and the Bootlace, Resource and Sagacity and Donald's Duck.
  • This is the first appearance of Sheffield.
  • NWR1991 and Matthew Gamble make their first appearances as part of the voice cast.


  • Duck's grinning face has a line on his nose when he knew about a prank made by Donald in 1967.

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