Vital statistics
Position Historian
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Not stated
Weight Not stated

Sarah is the historian for the Mid Sodor Railway and the sister of Bert's driver who works on the Arlesdale Railway.


After Bert's driver said to his sister about the strange voices on the extension to Peel Godred, Sarah spoke to the engines about Duke, Stuart and Falcon on their little railway using some old footage. She said that the two engines were brought to the Skarloey Railway while Duke was left in the shed because he was too old and cannot work due to his age. After this, Bert came to the station where he is asked by The Small Controller to get two men to find where the strange voices were coming from the extension line that was under construction by the railway authorities.

Answer Time

In his Answer Time, WildNorWester said that Sarah is to join Eric on the search for Neil abandoned in a shed during a two-part episode. This should be held in one of the seasons for Sodor: The Early Years and ANB is to voice the historian. Everything went entirely well until WildNorWester realized that he accidentally copied the Railway Series story, Sleeping Beauty. He quickly stopped both the recording and acting stages before telling ANB that the two-part episode is cancelled due to the copy. This is one of the episodes to have never made it at all.



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