Douglas the Brave
Donald and Douglas make their tour towards Sodor.
Vital statistics
Type Country
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location The United Kingdom

Scotland is a country that's part of The United Kingdom. Like England, it is a state within the British Isles. It is featured in a two-part episode that takes place in 1959.


In 1959, Donald and Douglas were working on freight trains and taking freight to a nearby steel mill outside Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. The steel mill had their engine named Neil whose two brothers were scrapped to death in 1934. When the Scottish Railway's Controller said that Donald is to be sent to Sodor, Douglas was sad that he's going without him because the client needs only one engine to go to him. Both Neil and 47288 took action for Douglas saying for him to go with Donald plus a special goods train to take on Wednesday night. Also, Douglas needs to have his numbers painted on.

Without no delays, Douglas takes the train to the station that needed the special goods. After the special night mail train was delayed for ten minutes, Douglas had his numbers painted on and met Donald at the station. They reached Barrow-in-Furness where Donald had his numbers painted on and reached Tidmouth in no time. The inspector believes this is a mistake and after two incidents, The Fat Controller decided to keep both Donald and Douglas on his railway.

Scotland was also directed to be the actual destination where in 1934, Lily was sent onto the Errant Venture departing from a very stormy Kirk Ronan dockyard. Her destination was the factory where Neil worked there following his rescue from scrapping by Sir Topham Hatt I. A day after leaving Kirk Ronan, the storm sank the Errant Venture with all of its cargo, including Lily submerged underwater. She spent the next seventy-five years under the sea. After hearing about her from Geoff, Brian told Thomas about the incident and the blue tank engine left in sadness after accepting Sheffield's apology when he started to cry.