Scottish Railway's Controller
Vital statistics
Position Controller of the Scottish Railway
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

The Scottish Railway's Controller is a man who is in charge of the railway held in Scotland during the two-part episode where Donald and Douglas make their escape attempt to the Island of Sodor.


The controller told Donald, known as 57646 at the time, that he received a call from the North West Railway that an engine was needed to help with some goods work. Douglas, also known as 57647 was sad because he and Donald have been working hard, but they are twins. The Scottish Railway's Controller said no because the inspector at Tidmouth requested Donald only and that Douglas will have to stay in Scotland with the fate of being scrapped to death. He walked away to his office after saying that Donald will leave on Wednesday night and this became an attempt to escape for Douglas to head for the NWR.

For Douglas the Brave, the controller was seen in stock footage that 57646 is due to go to the NWR by himself and not with Douglas because one engine is only requested by the inspector at Tidmouth station where he is waiting for the Scottish locomotive to arrive safely without delay.