Season 4 Update, Questions and an Answer
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Thursday 23rd August 2012
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Season 4 Update, Questions and Answers is a video from WildNorWester for the upcoming Season 4 in Sodor: The Early Years. This is shown towards the viewers and fans of the entire series as an audience.


The first seven episodes from Medivac to Worked Out have been produced. Unfortunately, the narrator had a severe infection inside his throat. The last five episodes from Rough Engines to Post & Prejudice are still in production and he's hoping for a release date around late October or early November. WildNorWester also informed them that some old Railway Series characters who haven't appeared before and newer locations from the Railway Series will be in it. One example was a certain box-shaped tank engine and the line he once ran on. He also said that he will make a Q&A video and comments will be installed for an Answer Time video which is due to come out in a couple of weeks.

One question he already done was about Alice. Since Season 3, WildNorWester was told about how narrow her tender was compared to her cab and even an issue of texture with the tender. He created the tender first and with more experience, WildNorWester came back to give the Atlantic C1 a new update. The middle bit of this video will feature the description of how Alice looks like since both the texture issue and how narrow it was compared to her cab was spotted by the audience back in Season 3 of Sodor: The Early Years. There were also some new updates about it after the part was shown just before he wants to look forward to getting the audience questions taken and seeing them in a couple of weeks for the answer video on September the 8th, 2012.

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