Season 5
Season 5, Episode unknown
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Air date Aug 2nd, 2013
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Barry the Rescue Engine Season 1 STMY

Season 5 takes place during 1994 and is the final season of Sodor: The Early Years. It is preceded by Barry The Rescue Engine and Season 4 of Sodor: The Early Years. It is followed by Winds of Change and Season 1 STMY.


Number of Episodes Total Episodes Air Date
1. 53. A Stranger in Need Aug 3rd, 2013
2. 54. Little Western Legacy Aug 9th, 2013
3. 55. Expectations Aug 16th, 2013
4. 56. Harvest Season Aug 23rd, 2013
5. 57. Doubts Aug 30th, 2013
6. 58. Ruffled Feathers Sep 6th, 2013
7. 59. Sheffield's Secret Sep 13th, 2013
8. 60. Phantom of the Quarry Sep 20th, 2013
9. 61. Flying Fish Sep 27th, 2013
10. 62. One of a Kind Oct 4th, 2013
11. 63. Darkest Hour Oct 11th, 2013
12. 64. Desperate Times Oct 18th, 2013

Characters Introduced


  • We are finally introduced to Sheffield, the austerity engine chosen after Wilbert came to Sodor.
  • Lily, Colin, and Adam of the Wellsworth and Suddery Railway are introduced.
  • This is the first season to use voice actors.
  • Phantom of the Quarry, the eighth episode in this season was originally featured in Season 4, but moved to this one because of a two-part episode involving a winter rescue by Eric.
  • This is the last season of Sodor: The Early Years.

Voice Actors

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