Vital statistics
Position Main Line diesel
Passenger engine
Age 19 (as of 2018)

Built in 1999

Arrived on Sodor 2008 or 2009
Status Operational
Relatives Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Shane is a diesel, brought to Sodor on a trial by Norman Spencer while he was acting as controller for a week.


When Shane first arrived, he spoke rudely to Gordon and Oliver. Gordon decided to challenge Shane to a time trial, which Shane agreed. Unfortunately, the big blue engine got into an accident with a lorry during the trial.

That night, Shane got into an argument with the other main line engines. Diesel even told Shane a little something that gave the diesel time to think about.

The next day, Shane was pulling the express when the railway comes across a signal failure. He ends up stopping at Wellsworth with Donald and BoCo. While there, BoCo mentions the time Edward brought some passengers home without his siderods. This gives Shane more things to think about while continuing up to Barrow-in-Furness. Once he arrives at Barrow, he goes to the sheds where Henry and Sheffield are resting. When Shane tells the two engines about what BoCo mentions at Wellsworth, Henry mentions the time Percy had to bring Annie and Clarabel home and got stuck in a flood and when Henry took the express while wearing his undercoat. This makes Shane change his opinion on steam engines and starts to work with them well.

On the day he was due to return to his railway, Shane told Norman Spencer that it is right to have steam engines run the railway and that it didn't need to be modernized.

In STMY Season 2, Shane ended up derailing Caden after the latter didn't listen to Henry about shunting some tankers onto Shane's goods train.


Shane is a British Rail Class 67 built in 1999.




Voice Actor


  • Shane's faces are modified versions from those of Murdoch from the Thomas & Friends TV Series.
  • He and Andreas share a theme.