Sir Walter Albworth
Vital statistics
Position Former Head of the Estate Railway
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Died in 2009
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sir Walter Albworth is the man who was head of an estate railway and was the supervisor to Olivia.


Sir Walter had an estate railway that was once controlled by him as its manager. He also was the supervisor to Olivia before it was shut down recently for an unknown reason, presumably due to rail authorities in England. He was mentioned by the narrator that both Olivia and Jake worked for them in a week or two. He also taught Olivia how to do her work and she did it very easy to maneuver. She took most of the works trains on Sir Walter's estate before she came to the Arlesdale Railway in 2009.

Mike at the sheds also said that Sir Walter could taught her what to expect everything on his railway before being sent to her new railway at that time. She said that he was a good man who wasn't at fault that he didn't do much lessons on Olivia's maneuvers. The new tank engine was sad to see that Sir Walter had passed away just before both she and Jake were shipped off in a fortnight. She blamed his children for some enthusiastic meanings that wasn't helped by them. They were the ones who had both Jake and Olivia shipped off on the boat, a fortnight after their manager's passing.

One of Sir Walter's children, Jane Albworth came to the Arlesdale Railway to be part of the Christmas party at Arlesburgh. She tried to appease Olivia with an apology, but the tank engine refused to listen and ranted on about enthusiastic meanings towards Sir Walter's daughter. Olivia later accepted Jane's apology during a conversation when she missed the last passenger train home to get back to London.