Vital statistics
Position 1st Skarloey railway Engine
Age 153-154 (as of 2018)

Built in 1864

Arrived on Sodor 1865
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Skarloey is the Skarloey Railway's first narrow-gauge who arrived in 1865, a year after he was built in England in 1864. In 1965, both he and Rheneas celebrated their 100th birthday with the other engines. He has a twin called Talyllyn.


Skarloey crashes into a lorry at the harbor in episode five, Running Solo. Rheneas rescued him afterwards and he is sent to Crovan's Gate for repairs. Rheneas later told Gordon about Skarloey's accident and that he had to work by himself.

Skarloey later breaks down just a week before The Duke of Sodor came to visit the engines. His breakdown is the last thing that the Skarloey Railway needed the most. Skarloey was soon repaired in a few days and he carried The Duke of Sodor on a tour of the entire railway.

Skarloey talked to the other engines about Rusty's downpour and later, blasted at Duncan for his attitude towards Rusty if he had a good explanation in 1994. In 2009, fifteen years later, he told Peter Sam about American comedian George Carlin to whom both the engines and some workmen were watching on their TV before Rheneas told them to stop. Skarloey later said about Duncan's livery of bright yellow.


Skarloey is based off his twin Talyllyn, engine 1 on the Talyllyn Railway.




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