Snowed In
Snowed In
Season Four, Episode Eleven
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 15th December 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Cold Wheels Post and Prejudice

Snowed In is the eleventh episode in Season 4, and the forty-seventh episode overall.


Stock footage from Cold Wheels is used with Eric, Sir Charles Topham Hatt and Sir Stephen Topham Hatt all talking about the concert at Kirk Ronan and the snow that blocked trains across the island. Eric has the former controller on board and chuffs towards Rolf's Castle with the storm theme from Storm Report playing in the background. After arriving at the station, the two characters find a snowdrift and have to melt the ice with some hot ciders from Eric's firebox. While this was going on, the mayor was talking to Sir Stephen Topham Hatt and a telephone call was also made from the controller's father.

At Rolf's Castle, Eric backs down on his passenger train and three buses come to drop off the passengers. Emily Helen Hatt speaks to her grandfather about Eric's bravery and the train sets off for the concert. Henry congratulates the LNER V3's heroism and The Fat Controller also speaks to him. With Henry's train clear to go, Eric knows what bravery means and had to conquer a territory that was filled with snow to make his way to Kirk Ronan.



  • Stock footage in black and white is used from Cold Wheels.
  • This is Emily Helen Hatt's first speaking role.


  • ANB is not credited for voicing Emily Helen Hatt.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Emily Helen Hatt
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Stephen Topham Hatt, Sir Charles Topham Hatt, Henry and Eric.



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