Season 3 Trailer
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Friday 23rd December 2011
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Season 3 Trailer of Sodor: The Early Years contains the first twelve episodes of the new season due to come out on Friday the 6th of January 2012.


The trailer features the first twelve episodes of Season 3 which they are Search Engines, Football Special, Bluebells & Batsmen, Storm Report, Useful Engines, First Impressions, Comfort Zone, Gordon's Promise, Rescue Mission, Shakedown, On the Run and Escape. At the end of the thirtieth episode, another six episodes which are from Changes to Christmas Delivery will be seen by the audience just before the end credits go up for the episode of Escape.



  • This trailer only covers the first twelve episodes of the third season. The last six episodes were shown in March 2012.

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