Season 4 Intro Demo
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Tuesday 15th May 2012
Location Australia (main recording studio)

The Season 4 Intro Demo is a video that WildNorWester tested on to make sure that the opening scene to each episode is adjusted right and on time. This video takes about forty-two seconds to do before the episodes can be fitted with it when the first episode is aired on Friday the 5th of October 2012.


The scene at the bridge starts off with Thomas taking Annie and Clarabel towards the camera and Percy traveling north with a goods train by crossing the bridge. The next scene is at the China Clay Quarry where Edward leaves the quarry while Bill, Ben and BoCo are waiting in the background seeing the blue tender engine leave. The title Sodor: The Early Years is shown in this scene. Thirdly, Gordon hauls his passenger train to Knapford station as Henry with his Flying Kipper is going the other way on The Main Line. This takes place just outside the station at Knapford and it shows "Based on the Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry" in front of the two tracks, leaving the Main Line. The next one is on Thomas' Branch Line where Toby takes Henrietta and Mavis heads an empty stone train up to the north.

The next one is based at Haultraugh near the coast of Sodor on The Little Western where Donald and Douglas haul a goods train to the south. Duck with both Alice and Mirabel go the same way as the Scottish twins, while Oliver with Isabel and Dulcie travel north and were waiting at the platform. Both James and Alice take passenger trains going west and east past the old castle, while the episode's title & number is seen in front of them. The final scene shows Diesel hauling a goods train out of Knapford Yards at the end of the intro. In Rough Engines, Bear becomes a permanent member to the NWR and helps Diesel with the work after the Class 08 went on strike in episode forty-three, Worked Out due to minimal shortages of railway jobs for him to work on.



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