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Sodor: The Modern Years is the series that follows on from Sodor: The Early Years.


Following season 2, there will be two mini-series', presented in a format similar to Barry the Rescue Engine and the Railway Series books. These will be Couriers and Concerns and Tinkerbell the Foreign Engine. There will also be a feature length special called Enterprising Engines.

Following the mini-series', there will be two more seasons of STMY.



  • There were a few changes made on the North-West Railway in the time between it and Sodor the Early Years:
    • ​The Main Sheds were expanded to ten berths.
    • Containerization was implemented, and a new Container Yard was built.
    • Tidmouth Yards were upgraded.
    • New stations, such as East Knapford were built.
    • In 1996, Peter was rescued (chronicled in Locomotives and Legends), and put into service on the mainline.
  • For seasons 1, 2 and 3, the borders of the title sequence will be colour-coded as follows:
    • Stories set on the NWR will have a aquamarine border.
    • Episodes on the Skarloey Railway will have a red border.
    • Episodes on the Arlesdale Railway will have a 'Jock yellow' border with white lettering.
    • Mid-Sodor Railway stories will have a brown border.
    • Harwick-Cregwir tramway episodes shall have a navy-blue border.