Sodor Road Freight
Vital statistics
Type Shipping container company
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Somewhere on the Island of Sodor
Inhabitants Mervyn Burns

Sodor Road Freight is a company that appeared in the final episode of Sodor: The Early Years, Desperate Times and Taking Care of Christmas.


Hugh, the lorry working for Sodor Road Freight was late again due to a traffic jam. The director of the company, Mervyn Burns said that wasn't an excuse to begin with and had already told Douglas that all lorries working at his company must be on time plus he was very annoyed with them. Douglas befriended Hugh after the director had stormed off angrily like Scottish news reporter, Ian in the previous episode Darkest Hour. The engines such as Thomas, James, Henry, Sheffield and Patrick got into a big fight about this orange lorry but it turned out to be a refrigeration unit that wasn't working properly and Edward took it down to the maintenance yard for repairs. Hugh and Mervyn Burns went into a fight over the lorries being bullied after Sir Stephen Topham Hatt said why the lorry didn't come forward when the bridge collapsed, but the lorry was too scared for itself to surrender.

With Hugh confessing to the incident, The Fat Controller alongside both the lorry and Douglas suspect Mr. Burns of having some involvement in not keeping lateness as a reason. When the controller told Inspector Davidson that the investigation would go to The Policeman, Burns fled the scene by driving his car and nearly crashing into Oliver who called out his driver which the car escaped and The Fat Controller told him about the investigation. With Sodor Road Freight involved in the bridge collapse, Mervyn Burns was behind bars and his management team arrested during a police raid on three separate charges which includes lying, contraband smuggling and the media stunt at Knapford station. All passenger and freight services returned to the North West Railway with ease and full pride within the entire railway itself.

In Taking Care of Christmas, Patrick accidentally derails himself which blocked the front door of The Container Yard. Emily Helen Hatt spoke to the manager of Sodor Road Freight on the telephone about the accident and to Iris that some of their lorries will be sent to collect the containers at the yard which are needed to be at their destinations quickly and with ease.