Sodor Satire: The Engine Your Engine Could Pull Like
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Saturday 5th March 2011
Location Island of Sodor
Australia (main recording studio)

The Sodor Satire: The Engine Your Engine Could Pull Like is one of WildNorWester's satires.


Gordon gives the audience some looks at both him and Alfred who will become the main antagonist for some episodes of Sodor: The Early Years. The audience is tasked to look twice at the LNER B12 and back to the LNER A3, but if using special coal, Gordon will be at the harbor next to a boat just saying about pulling his own passenger train. The next one is on The Main Line where he hauls a third class commuter train that the audience would love, but a first class express train when using the special coal. The last one features him saying "I'm on a bridge" and the last bit says "Haul Like A Real Engine" and "Use Sodor Coal".



  • This is a spoof of the original Isaiah Mustafa 'Old Spice' commercial.

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