Sodor Satire: Tom Gear
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Tuesday 29th March 2011
Location Australia (main recording studio)
Island of Sodor

The Sodor Satire: Tom Gear is a parody of Top Gear. WildNorWester also made some apologies to the presenters of Top Gear by using their real names for the satire.


In the beginning, Jeremy Clarkson needs his co-presenters to be doing a race across the island. Both men arrive and are scheduled to travel in Edward's passenger train, but they have to change trains twice. The Fat Controller made his mark and the race began. The car sped off from the docks, while Edward puffed out of the station at Brendam and headed for Wellsworth. The race was going well, but a fallen tree blocked the line in front of Edward as both James May and Richard Hammond had to do something to prevent Jeremy Clarkson from winning the race. The car went well, but it stopped at the level crossing to let Bill pass his way through.

After that, they arrive at Edward's station and Jeremy past George despite a near collision with The Fat Controller's car. James arrived to take the two men upwards to the works station at Crovan's Gate. Both the teams reached the mountains and the two co-presenters got onto Peter Sam's passenger train to Lakeside. The race went well again and the winner was Peter Sam. After some talk with Jeremy Clarkson, it was a very good race to remember on the Island of Sodor forever.


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