Sodor Satire: Who's on Track One?
Vital statistics
Participants WildNorWester
Date Friday 30th September 2011
Location Australia (main recording studio)
Island of Sodor

The Sodor Satire: Who's on Track One? is the final satire made by WildNorWester.


Bill and Ben are ordered by the yardmaster that three rows of trucks are needed to be shunted for Diesel to be picked up from the yard and take them to the harbor. Three ships will be taking the loads from the trucks to at least three countries: The United States, France and The People's Republic of China. The twins then chuffed off to collect the trucks. Three hours later, the trucks were in place and Bill goes for a drink. Ben is left in the yard and when Diesel arrives, he starts a joke with him. After a heated debate, Diesel was left in shock to see that the trucks are on tracks one to three are for the ships instead. BoCo finally says about the ships that are docked at harbors three, four and eight. Diesel now knows what's going on.



  • This is the final Sodor satire to be made by WildNorWester since he did the other two about Sodor Coal and Tom Gear.

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