Sodor & Mainland Railway
Vital statistics
Type Railway
Level Tier three
Location Kirk Ronan to Ballahoo
Inhabitants Clive

The Sodor and Mainland Railway was one of the three original railways of Sodor that opened in 1853..


The railway ran from Killdane to Vicarstown via Crovan's Gate and Ballahoo, It joined the Tidmouth, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway to form the North West Railway in 1914. Part of the railway became The Main Line (At Kellsthorpe Rd and Crovan's Gate) and the rest became the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, the branch that Eric now runs ever since the restoration in 1984.

The railway was run by 3 box tank engines named Neil (S&M no.2), Roger (S&M no.1), and Clive (S&M no.3). But the railway inspectors found the engines more useful for scrap in 1934. The Fat Director disliked it, but there was only so little he could do about it. Thankfully, he was able to save Neil, who is now on static display at the National Railway Museum in York. The line was a fishing-harbor line that handles fish and goods and brings them to Kellsthorpe Road for Henry's evening Flying Kipper.

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