Vital statistics
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Susan was the wife of a sailor who didn't come home on a cargo ship that was bound for the Island of Sodor. When it came, Oliver had to take the sailor to Susan in order to make their Christmas very special.


The woman claims that her husband, a sailor on the cargo ship MV John Watson was due to come home and he wasn't on Oliver's train which was supposed to be the last one for the Christmas break. Susan told him it wasn't Oliver's fault because of the boat. She wanted to find out if any more trains come in before the Christmas cheer can begin and it was Oliver's mail run that was the last train for the day. She was very upset and walked away in a sad mood. They found the sailor and he said about Susan's claim that Richard was supposed to be home. Richard asked the stationmaster at Tidmouth Hault to phone Susan for a special surprise at Callan station and he gave permission to ride in Oliver's cab. At the station, Susan met Richard and were reunited after she was asked to come to Callan station.

She then thanked Oliver for making her Christmas special very pleasing indeed. The GWR 14xx tank engine left for the sheds at Knapford where the Christmas party was held at with the engines all waiting for him to come through. Sir Charles Topham Hatt said about the events of 1983 in his very own Christmas speech and a secret from him is actually revealed.


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