China Clay Quarry
Vital statistics
Type Quarry
Level Tier 3
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Linked to Edward's Branch Line
Inhabitants Bill and Ben

The China Clay Quarry are quarries linked to the Brendam Bay Branch. Bill and Ben are known to work there.


Edward and BoCo are also known to pass by and bring china clay trucks to Brendam Docks. It is also known as the Sodor Clay Pits or Sodor China Clay Company (SCC).

In Phantom of the Quarry, an old workman was stealing parts and sabotaging the railway equipment. Bill and Ben noticed this, and decided to do some detective work. They manged to find the culprit.

In Sodor: The Modern Years, the twins were sent to The Container Yard to organize the trains, after a china clay mine had collapsed. The site was declared unsafe, so the twins were out of work until the Fat Controller came up with the idea. Bill and Ben returned to the quarry once it had been reopened and Iris took over their duties of running The Container Yard.