The Duke of Sodor
The Duke of Sodor
The Duke of Sodor meets Duke in the episode, Diesels and Dukes.
Vital statistics
Position In charge of the Island of Sodor
Age Seventy-five
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Only appearance
Physical attributes

The Duke of Sodor is a human character in Sodor: The Early Years. In 1965, he met the Skarloey Railway engines, to open the Lakeside Loop for the centennial of The Skarloey Railway and Duke later mentioned him in one episode in 1994. Duke was given his name from the man who was head of the Island of Sodor, and was born in 1940.


In Diesels and Dukes, this man came on Edward who pulled the special train to Crovan's Gate and The Duke of Sodor came down to meet the engines of the Skarloey Railway. He met each one of them including the new narrow-gauge Diesel, Rusty and the locomotive who he gave his title to named Duke before Skarloey took the man on a tour of the railway in style. The performance was fantastic and the other engines were proud of his visit. This episode featured the only appearance of The Duke of Sodor.

Duke mentioned The Duke of Sodor in the episode, One of a Kind. The old engine said that he wanted to rescue him after the locomotive was sheeted in 1947 due to the Mid Sodor Railway's closure because of heavy flooding and both Stuart and Falcon were taken to the Skarloey Railway as ordered by Sir Charles Topham Hatt. The Duke of Sodor didn't come until Duke found out that he passed away. By 1969 in Whispers, two clergymen and the small controller rescued the old engine and had him sent to the Skarloey Railway for maintenance by road.



  • The Duke of Sodor's current holder is Sir Richard Robert Norramby. His predecessor was Robert Charles Norramby as Duke mentioned in One of a Kind as the one who passed away.