The Electric Engines
Pgb four electric engines by wildnorwester-d7s12d1
The Electric Engine's New Models
Vital statistics
Position Work on the Peel Godred Branch Line
Age N/A
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Height Not Stated
Weight Not Stated

These engines, Andy, Jeffery, Sean and Steve live on the Island of Sodor and work on the North West Railway on the Peel Godred Branch.


The Branch runs from Killdane, where it meets with the Main Line and heads through the middle of the Island before meeting the Culdee Fell Railway at Kirk Machan, and continues to Peel Godred.

In Football Special, Andy took Jeffery's place whilst Jeffery was taking a Football Special. Andy felt bad as there was many Football Specials but he was never asked to pull one. Jeffery boasted that he has never had an accident and never will. Then, James came with the special and Jeffery went on his way. Jeffery met Culdee and Catherine at Kirk Machan and Jeffery began boasting. Culdee had told him never say never since Jeffery says he'll never run out. Jeffery came back heading for Kildane when he felt a slight itch in his transformer. As he went over the bridge to Abbey he felt worse and worse as he travelled and eventually just stopped. As Andy was coming down the line, he saw Jeffery broken down and pushed him to Kildane where Henry was there to take the Football Special onto Knapford.


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  • These were among the first locomotives made by WildNorWester. They are all reskins of Class 87 locomotives on the DLS. Since WildNorWester was new at modelling at the time, their faces were randomly generated on an online identikit website face rather than more traditional faces, placing them firmly within the Uncanny Valley. WildNorWester has remade the models using his own mesh, new faces and new liveries (all NWR Green with Yellow Ends).
  • The new Electric Locomotives were publicly released as part of the RWS V1.5 pack on August 16, 2015.