The Fat Clergyman
Vital statistics
Position Author's friend
Age Fifty-seven
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Deceased in 1986
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

The Fat Clergyman is a man who helped The Thin Clergyman find Duke somewhere near the construction of a new railway line on the Arlesdale Railway.


The Fat Clergyman went on Bert's train with The Thin Clergyman and reached the site of Duke's voices. The Fat Clergyman accidentally fell through a hole and found Duke inside. The other clergyman came to get some workmen to dig up the area and got the old tender engine ready in a few hours. The old tender engine was taken away by road in different parts on two lorries. This was in episode sixteen, Whispers. In episode fifty-eight One of a Kind, he and the other clergyman were in stock footage rescuing Duke as the old tender engine told Rusty his own story after he broke one of his cylinders, while hauling a passenger train on the Skarloey Railway heading to the nearest station on the viaduct.