The Lucky Ones
Season Barry the Rescue Engine, Episode One
Vital statistics
Air date Friday 5th April 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Bad Apple Testing Times

The Lucky Ones is the first episode of the four part mini-series Barry the Rescue Engine, which takes place in 1985. It is released as the forty-ninth episode overall.


The audience is being given a letter about a location known as "Barry Scrapyard" in Southern Wales. When diesels took over on the 12th August 1968, at least two hundred and ninety-seven steam locomotives were scrapped and cut up to death. The author is pleased that two hundred and thirteen steam locos have been saved which are now running on heritage railways across the United Kingdom. At least eighty-four have been killed by the scrapping, but one of these locomotives came to the North West Railway during the March to August months of 1985.

James is cross one morning because he has to take a goods train but Gordon assures him saying if no locomotive pulls a train, the locomotive will be scrapped for sure. After Gordon's sadness to his relatives who were scrapped by the authorities of British Railways, Sir Stephen Topham Hatt comes to see James about an important delivery that is needed for Crovan's Gate. He finds the delivery on Patrick's train and they have a conversation between the two tender locomotives. The train starts off right into Henry's Tunnel where Diesel is working on a track doing track work with some workmen, but a sound goes through Barry's rust. The rusted locomotives is startled and mistakes it for the cutter's torch which was used to kill steam locomotives like the eighty-four mentioned in the letter at the beginning. James leaves his trucks in a siding and he takes the new engine to the workshop.

Then, a voice comes from somewhere outside the workshop. James then recognizes him as Sir Charles Topham Hatt who had retired at the end of Christmas Delivery for his son, Stephen to become the next Fat Controller. The former controller is also a leader of volunteers working on 78018's condition to full restoration. After Barry's talk to the former controller, the red tender locomotive took his goods train down the line through Kirk Ronan out onto the main line.



  • Even though he made a cameo appearance in Bad Apple, this is the first official appearance of Barry.
  • A letter from the author is seen at the very beginning showing it to the audience who are watching the entire episode.



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