The Main Line
Vital statistics
Type Line
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Tidmouth to Barrow-in-Furness; Tidmouth to London (For Pip and Emma's service
Inhabitants Gordon, Henry, James, Alice, Bear, Patrick, Peter and Diesel
The Main Line is the line that runs throughout Sodor and into England at Barrow-in Furness. The line forms the key artery of the Sudrian rail network, connecting with the mainland rail network at Barrow-in-Furness.


The Main terminus is Tidmouth where it meets with the Arlesburgh Branch. The line is run by Henry, Gordon, James, Alice, Bear, Patrick, Peter (Since he was restored in 1996) and Diesel. Henry, James and Bear is used for mixed-traffic duties along the Main line. Gordon is used for the Main Line Express. Alice has her own train called the Branch Line Flyer Express which is a fast train that stops at all branch line stops including Crovan's Gate on the Skarloey Railway. Peter and Patrick are used for heavy goods trains along the line. Diesel is based at Knapford Yards covering all the shipments coming in and out of the yard while Iris is based at the The Container Yard.

It meets with The Little Western at TidmouthThomas' Branch Line at Knapford, Edward's Branch Line at Wellsworth, the Peel Godred Branch Line at Kildane, Eric's Branch Line at Kellsthorpe Road, the Skarloey Railway at Crovan's Gate and the Norramby Branch Line at Crovan's Gate and Vicarstown. The line interchanges passengers and goods to the branch lines. Dockside branch lines interchanges fish for Henry's evening Flying Kipper.

In 2011, Pip and Emma were brought by The Fat Controller to run services to London St. Pancras station, due to locomotive swaps at Barrow becoming too time-consuming. They would take over the Wild Nor' Wester while Gordon was put on local trains.