Mid Sodor Sheds
Vital statistics
Type Engine Sheds
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Arlesdale
Inhabitants Duke

The Mid Sodor Sheds are the main sheds and terminus of Mid Sodor Railway.


In the opening scenes for both Running Solo and New Beginnings, the sheds made their first appearance where Duke was leaving his berth to go out. Falcon then passed the shed with his goods train from a siding and Stuart arrived at the station just near the sheds. In the other latter, Stuart and Falcon were leaving the sheds for being transferred while Duke stayed back.

The shed was then seen for a flashback in the episode Whispers where Duke, Stuart and Falcon used to rest there. In Arrogance, there was a meeting at the sheds with the manager saying he acquired a new engine to pull the narrow-gauge express and at the end, Andreas made an incident which nearly resulted in injuring his fireman. Falcon saw the incident which his own fireman managed to switch off Andreas' valves and was angry at the express tank engine for the incident. In Mistrust, Duke spoke to Andreas about Stanley at the sheds while Andreas was in the works shed. The shed was also the scene of an argument between both Andreas and Falcon with it being stopped by Duke saying, "ENOUGH, BOTH OF YOU!" and Charles speaking to Andreas that he will not tolerate bad behavior on the Mid Sodor Railway.