The SCC Manager
Vital statistics
Position Manager of the China Clay Works
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes

The SCC Manager is in charge of the China Clay Works at Brendam.


The manager spoke with BoCo's driver about a loose coupling on BoCo's train that was heading to the quarry. It seems that the loose coupling was caused by sabotage as the police said on the telephone with the manager. This man is a new person and was very strict since another workman was fired for finding too many work, health and safety issues. The Fired Workman decided to take vengeance against the manager of Sodor's China Clay works. The manager found out about the sabotage, but couldn't catch the baddie who broke into the area without permission since it was night time. Bill and Ben managed to stop the baddie and he was arrested by the police for trespassing, damaging private property and his accomplice was also arrested with him.

In 2009, the manager brought Emily Helen Hatt to see Bill and Ben at their shed. She wants them to work at The Container Yard for a few months, shunting flatcars for every train taken by either a diesel or a steam engine. The SCC Manager's assistant was a foreman who told Bill at first that all of their support pillars in a China Clay mine were safe until a huge blast of derby smashed the mine, causing a cave-in and luckily, no workers were inside the mine at the time of the cave-in. The foreman changed his mind following the derby's smashing since he disbelieved it at first and left to tell the manager about the accident at the mine which the repairs could take up to a few months in disarray.


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