Slate Quarry
Sir Handel at the Slate Quarry
Vital statistics
Type Quarry and mine
Opened 1900
Closed N/A
Location Skarloey Railway
Inhabitants Slate Trucks
The Slate Quarry is a quarry and mine located up high in the hills of the Skarloey Railway. This is where about a few trucks come up or down the hill very slowly. This is also known as The Incline.


Both Sir Handel and Duncan had taken some Slate Trucks in two different episodes of Sodor: The Early Years from this quarry. These two were both in New Beginnings from Season 1 and Hard Work from Season 4. It was near Cros-ny-Cuirn station that the trucks made their runaways down the hill. Unfortunately, the one with Sir Handel failed because Rheneas managed to stop the train from racing past the station and the cause of it was improper brakes including the trucks saying "We'll get him on the hill" twice before saying "ON, ON, ON!" at the very steep hill. The one with Duncan was quite a success with the Scottish narrow-gauge engine crashing through a fence and was later derailed. Later, he had to stop on the hill once again due to his right cylinder's lining being snapped following his accident that early morning and was making up for lost time following an emergency involving paramedics.