The Spiteful Brake Van
The Brake Van with Douglas
Vital statistics
Position Goods Brake Van
Status Operational
Physical attributes
Weight 20 Tons

The Spiteful Brake Van is the brake van that was crushed by Douglas while he was trying to help James up Gordon's hill.


The Spiteful Brake Van took a dislike to Douglas causing most of his trains to be late and the Scottish tender engine being blamed most of the time. Donald spoke to him angrily about this and the brake van was essential to the NWR. When Donald smashed into a signal box at Tidmouth, James had to do his goods work and hated it. The Spiteful Brake Van told the trucks that he's cross and shall to make him crosser still. What the brake van didn't know was that Douglas came to assist the red tender engine up Gordon's Hill. He was later crushed after the guard managed to jump clear on the side of the line. Edward brought the Breakdown Train and Sir Charles Topham Hatt to subdue the mess as he does not know whether to send Douglas home within twenty-four hours as scheduled for tomorrow morning.

During the special Bad Apple, he told Thomas about Diesel and that it was him who who told them the names for Henry, Gordon and James. Thomas told Percy, which helped their detective work.


The Spiteful Brake Van is a BR standard 20T brake van.




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