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Surf Line
Vital statistics
Type Route
Level Unknown
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location Norramby Branch Line South of Norramby
Inhabitants Unknown

The Surf Line is a section on the Norramby Branch Line.


It is located south of Norramby and follows the coast to South Norramby. There is a lift bridge located here that spans over a water way that connects the ocean to a marina that allows yachts to enter the marina with ease. Owen, Evan and Edwin use this route regularly to transport passengers and goods all the way to South Norramby and back. In Surf Line, a yacht was blown off course into the lift bridge and damaged it, trapping Edwin on the South Norramby side. The bridge was repaired the next day and services returned to normal.



  • This section was directly inspired by the ATSF Surf Line between Los Angeles and San Diego, California, USA.