The Thin Clergyman
Vital statistics
Position Author
Age Eighty-five
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes

Reverend Wilbert Awdry is a man who wrote the first 26 books of The Railway Series and was 1 of 2 men who found Duke in his shed.


The Thin Clergyman was with The Fat Clergyman and they went on Bert's train to find Duke. Unfortunately, The Fat Clergyman fell through the roof and the thin one told him if he's alright. Although Duke told The Fat Clergyman about vandals, he was glad to be saved with The Thin Clergyman asking some workmen to help remove the shrubs and bring Duke out of his shed. After a few hours preparing him up, Duke was taken into 2 lorries that were sent from The Small Controller to pick it up and take it to Crovan's Gate where he is to join the Skarloey Railway for some company with the other engines.

He is seen in stock footage along with The Fat Clergyman and the small controller from Whispers when Duke is finally rescued from his old shed and meets Bert for the first time in his life since 1969.