Thomas' Special Coach
The Special Coach with the regular express coaches
Vital statistics
Position Special coach for Thomas
Age Not stated
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Still missing
Physical attributes
Height Not stated
Weight Not stated

Thomas' Special Coach is a carriage for passengers travelling on Thomas' Branch Line after Gordon finishes his express run from Barrow-in-Furness to Tidmouth. All engines must shunt this coach to a separate siding so that Thomas can take it and join Annie and Clarabel to his train.


Douglas accidentally shunted this coach with the others to another siding, while hoping that The Fat Controller doesn't find out about sending him back to Scotland and Donald being upset about his twin going home. Thomas came fussing about into Tidmouth and he has to find it after talking to both Donald and Douglas about his coach. Douglas realized that he did shunt it with the others on purpose. They decided to change tenders, while The Fat Controller was distracted by an angry mob of three passengers hoping to find out what's going on. Donald took a goods train and Douglas stayed with his tender uncoupled to fool The Fat Controller into disrepute. The investigation failed and a question from him was that why Douglas was masquerading with Donald's tender. The twins were left scolded and a main antagonist is left in their own spotlight to send Douglas home again.