Tidmouth Hault
Vital statistics
Type Station
Level Tier three
Opened Unknown
Closed Unknown
Location The Little Western
Inhabitants Unknown

Tidmouth Hault is a station off the coast of Sodor and is one of the stations on The Little Western going from Tidmouth to Arlesdale or to Arlesburgh West.

In Sodor: The Early Years

In Great Western, Oliver and Duck were arguing over his lateness to Tidmouth Sheds which turned into a mad stunt as the ceremony was postponed by The Fat Controller saying that the GWR tank engine was delayed near Elsbridge station and had to help with two workmen injured in a rock slide. In Little Western, Oliver was at this station with a passenger train just before the argument broke out with Duck. Caroline was chasing Stepney at Tidmouth Hault when she missed him here by inches as two cricketers talked to Duck about an incident involving a cricket ball. The chase ended at a level crossing and Donald met the cricketers who told Stepney that he had just dropped off a flatcar at the last station before he came down with his goods train.