Season One, Episode Three
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Air date Saturday 19th of February, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Tolerance is the third episode of Season 1.


After The Fat Controller speaks to Patrick, Diesel arrives that night with the other engines feeling angry because they know this isn't going to be good at all for a long time. Douglas needs to take his passenger train and tells Diesel he has to take them. Diesel abrupts the answer with Douglas having to wait, but the Scottish locomotive tells the Class 08 to move some trucks blocking his way. Diesel removes the vans and Douglas chuffs off to Brendam where his passengers are waiting.

The Fat Controller tells the Scottish locomotive what is going on and the locomotive responds that Diesel was not ready with his train but is critical to have him until Gordon and Donald get back from Crovan's Gate.

At Elsbridge, Percy's cylinders break down and Douglas is concerned who will take his passengers. Thomas looks worried with Percy and there is four milk tankers going off in the sun near Daisy. With Patrick taking his passengers and the milk tankers safe from the sun, Douglas then takes Percy to Crovan's Gate where Gordon and Donald are having repairs. That night, Douglas returns to the shed finding James and Henry in a standoff with Diesel as the Troublesome Trucks block the headquarters for the NWR locomotives. Diesel refuses to let the locomotives get in after James makes his comment and Douglas shouts out to Diesel why he wants to block them causing the antagonist to fear that The Fat Controller will be told.

Patrick arrives and after James moves, the diesel slams into Diesel and talks with the Class 08 about the entire event. The Fat Controller angrily wants an answer, but to no chance. He sends Diesel home after the standoff is over and speaks to his controller. Gordon arrives home shortly after Patrick should not have been bad-tempered, but for the Class 40 he is returning to British Railways early the next morning at Knapford when Donald comes back.



  • Stock footage from Limits is used.


  • When Thomas asks Douglas what happened, he says it in a Scottish accent.
  • The narrator says "Thomas was right.", when it should've been "Douglas was right.", since Douglas pointed out that the milk tankers would go off in the sun.
  • The narrator says James' driver backed him from the turntable leading into the siding. He must've meant the siding leading to the turntable.
  • Throughout the episode, the trainz junction arrows are seen in most parts such as both Knapford Sheds and Elsbridge station.