Trevor feeling sad about Emma Chesterton in the episode, Search Engines.
Vital statistics
Position Traction engine
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes

Trevor is a traction engine who works at an orchard on Edward's Branch Line and was saved from scrap by the Vicar of Wellsworth who had purchased him when Edward told him about the traction engine being broken up during the next day.


Trevor was met at the orchard by Edward, feeling sad for himself. He told him about a woman named Emma Chesterton who didn't come to see him last week. She had been missing since and Edward called on all of the engines to find the woman, but it was no use as the trains had to run on time. The blue tender later met The Policeman and Sir Charles Topham Hatt at Wellsworth freight yard to deal with the situation by sending a search party, but the operation went fruitless and when nightfall came, the search party was ordered to return to base immediately so that they can start again in the morning of the day after yesterday.


Trevor is based on a 1927 William Foster and Co. 8-ton traction engine.