Useful Engines
Useful Engines
Season Three, Episode Five
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 4th of February 2012
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Useful Engines is the fifth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-third episode overall.


Thomas arrives at Killdane to find that James who hates both branch lines and Troublesome Trucks had taken four electric locomotives to Crovan's Gate because the power station was one of the big storm's primary targets a few days ago. James and Henry later fought against each other over the usage of trucks being taken by one engine. The green tender engine says about the branch line's regulations that he isn't allowed to go on it and one engine from The Other Railway will be coming in to help. After that, James takes the goods train and left them in Peel Godred before he noticed some tracks leading to a second tunnel. After the conversation between Thomas, James and Stepney in the sheds that night, James took another loaded goods train to Peel Godred and the trucks played a trick on him at The Aluminium Plant. After arriving at Peel Godred, Mike and James talked to each other only for the NWR engine to call the Arlesdale Railway locomotive a "toy engine" after being accidentally insulted over the time a bootlace had been used to mend a hole in his coaches.

At Arlesburgh West, Mike talked to both Rex and Duck about the fight between him and James at Peel Godred. The next morning, James took the loaded goods train he had yesterday through the tunnel only to crash into a tree that blocked the tracks ahead due to the big storm. Meanwhile at Peel Godred, Sir Charles Topham Hatt said to the passengers about the entire delay and Rex spoke to him about the passenger train stops at King Orry's Bridge. James' accident wasn't his fault and Sir Charles Topham Hatt found out of the argument against Mike and Alfred will later bring a transformer in tomorrow. James left the trucks at the station to be turned around on the turntable like he did in Football Special while talking to one of the four electric engines.



  • Railway Series references include Wrong Road, James and the Bootlace and Buzz Buzz.
  • Stock footage is used from Grand Opening.


  • James' sad face is slightly titled to the left side.
  • The narrator says "James stopped at Kildane station", but he actually stops at Peel Godred.



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