Season Two, Episode Four
Vital statistics
Air date Saturday 18th of June, 2011
Written by WildNorWester
Directed by WildNorWester
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Old Tricks Diesels and Dukes

Whispers is the fourth episode of Season 2, and the sixteenth episode overall.


Since the Grand Opening a few months ago, the work was getting on and on with an old lead mine reopened plus a new train station being built as the narration said about this and the music of repairs echoed into his ears. Bert was speaking to the foreman about the construction project he was assigned to do, but the foreman mentioned that it will be some little earthworks underneath before Bert chuffed off from the area. That night, Bert was to take the workmen home when he heard a voice coming from somewhere he wouldn't know of and his driver returned with Bert saying he dozed off and couldn't believe who said it but quickly took the workmen home. Rex said Bert was very quiet last night, but the blue engine didn't know about it as Mike chipped in about the part and Bert went off to collect his first train of the day.

Mike was coming down the line with a ballast train and hated to pull trucks but the voice was heard again saying railways would be savage if it wasn't for the ballast traffic. Mike went back and met Bert later on saying about the voices he heard last night. After this, Bert's driver noticed that his sister is an expert at the local history of the area and will be talking to her tonight at dinner. Next morning, Sarah the historian came to see the engines and said about the Mid Sodor Railway before Bert had to take two men ordered by Mr. Fergus Duncan to the site where Duke's voice is heard twice in two nights. The two men walked up the hill after getting off Bert's coach only for the stout gentleman to fall and find Duke inside the shed. The workmen removed the shrubs and made a rail line for Duke to travel on. After some talk between Bert and Duke, two lorries came in and Duke was loaded onto the lorries separately and headed for Crovan's Gate.



  • This episode references both Granpuff and Sleeping Beauty.


  • When Bert gasps, he jerks forwards.

Voice Cast

  • ANB as Sarah
  • WildNorWester as Narrator, Bert, Mike, Rex, Duke, The Small Controller, The Fat Clergyman and The Thin Clergyman



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