WildNorWester Wiki

Hello everybody, here at the WildNorWester Wiki, we want to make this the best wiki now, but at the moment, we need ideas on how to improve. So, here is a page to post your thoughts! Just create a new heading and write what you think underneath, and an admin should reply asap! And now, here are a few improvements that have already happened:


  • Admins have been appointed.
  • Badges have been activated, so now each time you make an edit, it's being counted towards some shiny badges.
  • The forum has been set up, so head on down.
  • We now have a chat. Now this chat will work if you guys make it work. If anything goes wrong on it, as admins, we will not hesitate to remove it, so please, just have fun, but don't be silly!
  • The Wiki has changed from dark to light!

So, put your thoughts here, and help make this wiki even better!