Yuletide Express
Vital statistics
Position Christmas express train
Arrived on Sodor Unknown
Status Operational
Physical attributes

The Yuletide Express is an express train usually pulled by Gordon on Christmas Eve. This is the last train on the day to get passengers home to their loved ones who needed the most.

In Sodor: The Early Years

Alfred had to take the Yuletide Express when Gordon was delayed and late with one of his own expresses. The LNER A0 told him to be careful of the snow, but in First Impressions the LNER B12 said he was thinking dreadfully of the passengers. This was in Identity where Henry had to rescue Alfred from Henry's Tunnel following the theft of the Flying Kipper. Following the snowdrift incident, both Alfred and Henry took the train in the final episode of Season 1 called Snowstorm. In Galloping Sausage, Gordon took the Yuletide Express to Barrow-in-Furness before he was in a runaway when he reached the first station. The cause of it happened at Knapford station where his driver accidentally pulled a lever and the LNER A0 chuffed off, leaving the passengers behind. Diesel somehow rescued him and took the train to Elsbridge where an inspector was waiting on its platform to find out what happened that evening.

In Sodor: The Modern Years

After hauling Patrick back to Knapford Sheds and telling Ms. Hatt that there are no other departures from the Container Yard, Iris arrived at Knapford station to help Sheffield out with shunting coaches for the Yuletide Express that night. Both of them had a different set of coaches to shunt them into their places.